Roman Horbach, head of the personnel department of the headquarters of the Ground Forces Command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, said that while there is no need for a general mobilization of women, however, women in some specialties must be registered.

But this does not mean that they will be sent to the front. 

"NV" writes about it. 

Roman Horbach noted that so far women can be mobilized only at their personal will.

He added that before the war, the share of women in the Armed Forces was 10%, but now it has decreased.

Ukrainian women serve mainly in managerial positions. 

"Due to the very difficult conditions of service, women are less likely to join the armed forces. If they fully meet all the conditions and apply as volunteers, they can be called to any position without restrictions. We have female servicemen - combat commanders machines and commanders of platoons, artillery batteries, etc.," explained Horbach.

The Ministry of Defense has drawn up a list of specialties through which Ukrainian women can be drafted, but so far this is only on a voluntary basis.

However, representatives of some medical specialties still have to register for the military, and these are:

  • biomedical engineering, biotechnology and bioengineering;

    physical therapy, occupational therapy, medical and psychological rehabilitation, public health, physical rehabilitation, industrial pharmacy, sanitation and expertise;

  • operators of medical equipment, workers servicing equipment for the production of pharmaceutical products and cosmetics, heads of health care units;

  • professionals in the field of life sciences and medical sciences, as well as medicine (except for nurses); medical and preventive professionals, research staff;

  • auxiliary staff in the field of modern medicine, physiotherapy, pharmacy (except nurses), medical assistants, dental assistants, physiotherapists and massage therapists, pharmacists, other assistants of professionals in the field of modern medicine (except nurses);

  • professionals of pathology, toxicology, pharmacology, physiology and epidemiology;

  • pathologists, toxicologists, pharmacologists, physiologists and epidemiologists, researchers (medical affairs), doctors, specialists in the field of medical and preventive medicine, professional nurses and midwives, professionals in the field of nursing and midwifery;

  • other professionals in the field of medicine (except nursing and midwifery);

  • dentistry, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, technologies of medical diagnosis and treatment;

  • nurses and midwives, hygienists, oculists and opticians, nurses and midwives assisting professionals, assistants to midwife professionals;

  • professionals in the field of medicine, stomatology, research workers (dentistry), dentists, pharmacies, pharmacists.

Mobilization in Ukraine 

On February 24, the president and Verkhovna Rada introduced martial law in Ukraine and announced full mobilization.

Men aged 18-60 have been temporarily banned from traveling abroad, as they may be drafted into the army. 

On October 21, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyi, signed the law on the voluntary procedure of enlisting women in the military.

According to the law, women who have a specialty and/or a profession related to the corresponding military accounting specialty, defined in the list approved by the Ministry of Defense, are taken on the military accounting of conscripts 

at their own request. 

Such women must be fit for military service in terms of health and age. 

The law still has a provision on 

mandatory military registration for medical workers.

The Verkhovna Rada also introduced at the legislative level 

vacations of up to 10 days for each serviceman

 from the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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