The official cabinet will not change the policies of the "Captain Andreevo" checkpoint.

That is the job of the regular government.

At the moment, some of the problems at the border crossing have been solved, but others still exist.

We try not to form long queues.

Phytosanitary control is carried out only on refrigerated trucks.

A second laboratory has also been operating since Friday, each of which has a capacity of 20 and several samples per day.

We have submitted documents for a public order for apparatus that will be able to provide 100 samples per day.

This was stated by the Minister of Agriculture Yavor Gechev

Yavor Gechev was born on June 10, 1978 in Plovdiv.

He is an engineer-agronomist by education.

In 2001, during a hearing before the Committee on Agriculture regarding the actions taken - legal, factual and procedural - to protect the interests of the state and the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (BFSA) in relation to the management of the properties and the performance of control functions of the state of the "Captain Andreevo" border crossing, declared as an object and activities of importance for national security.

"We still don't have an action plan for "Captain Andreevo", but we manage to react quickly and so far we are doing well", commented Dr. Ivan Shikov, who was appointed to the post of executive director of the BABH only two days ago, after the removal of his predecessor .

He added that he has not yet been able to familiarize himself in depth with the activities of the border posts, which have not been his responsibility so far.

The Deputy Minister of Agriculture: There was no control by the BFSA of "Captain Andreevo"

Minister Gechev also said that they are not considering options for opening private laboratories, but they are thinking about positioning a laboratory at the border crossing point in Lesovo, so that the queues, which in December become double, go faster.

"The war in Ukraine has changed the traffic in both Europe and Asia. It is predicted that it will only increase in the coming years", added the minister and promised that every problem that was brought up in the media will be subject to a full investigation.

Regarding his vision for the future of BABH, Dr. Shikov pointed out that in recent years the agency has been the epitome of bad practices, so he will work to restore its good image.

He also emphasized the fact that BABH is not only "Captain Andreevo".

Minister Gechev noted that one of the remarks he had towards the now former executive director of BABH, Hristo Valchanov, was the insufficient administrative capital of the agency's legal department.

In this regard, Shikov said that he has taken steps to restore the directorate, which is currently operating at half its capacity.

As for the procedures under the state preventive program, the executive director of BABH assured that a large part of them have already been started.

After last week's outbreak of brucellosis it is safe to say that there is a bit of a problem with the disease in large ruminants, but in small ruminants 100 per cent blood sampling is committed, which I think we will be able to handle by the end of the year.

During the hearing, another problem in the agency was found - all the fees collected by the BFSA go to the state budget, not to its budget.

At the same time, Minister Gechev defined the department as "high-cost".

Therefore, the Ministry of Agriculture and the State Fund "Agriculture" are doing everything in their power to support the agency's activities.

The commission decided to hold a hearing with Minister Gechev and Dr. Ivan Shikov again next week, this time on the strategic plan for the new Common Agricultural Policy, which was approved by the EC today.

Yavor Gechev


Border crossing "Captain Andreevo"