The head of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, promised that he would discuss with a number of Russian ministries the removal of medical consumables from the warehouses of "various organizations".

Putin said this during a press conference with members of the Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights on December 7.

The propagandist Russian mass media noted that the head of the Kremlin "promised to discuss with the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Health and Deputy Prime Minister Tetyana Golikova the possibility of using medical consumables stored in the warehouses of various organizations."

Putin also promised to discuss with the Ministry of Defense and personally with the head of the ministry Sergei Shoigu the issue of training personnel for military field medicine.

Let's add that, although Putin first called "special operation" a war at this meeting, propagandist Russian mass media still use the phrase "special operation".

Previously, Putin boasted that the Russian Federation supposedly has nuclear weapons in a more advanced and modern state than any other state.

The dictator also dreamed of Polish "aggression".

He stated that "only the Russian Federation will give Ukraine security guarantees."

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