Ukrainian presenter and blogger

Masha Yefrosinina

first shared a scary story that happened to her four years ago on the birthday of her friend and colleague

Yuriy Gorbunov


In the new edition of "Adult Girls", which Masha hosts with Olya Polyakova, the stars discussed magic, spells, witchcraft.

And Efrosinina decided to tell about the terrible incident that almost cost her her life.

"It was about four years ago. August 24 is Yura Gorbunov's birthday. Timur (Timur Khromaev – Masha's husband, editor's note) and I came to his birthday. I remember that there was an incredibly cool mood, everything was in the fresh air, he had a birthday on the water, on the river. On a wooden pontoon. On Trukhanovo Island. I am with a bouquet of flowers, Timur is a little behind, I come to congratulate Yurk, I give him flowers, I see Katya Osadcha, somewhere 10 steps away from me. A bunch of people, everyone is drinking and singing. And it is I who take three steps, the planks fall under me, I go under the water. There are such sleepers sticking out under the water, an iron pin that pierces my thigh into the soft part, in a centimeter from my stomach. That is, one more centimeter and it would have pierced me completely and would have come out somewhere in the area of ​​the throat, I would have already been dead," Yefrosinina shared.

Masha Efrosinina / Photo:

Later, Masha shares, she was taken to the hospital, she fainted from the pain.

The next day, Efrosinina shares, Gorbunov called her to ask how she was feeling and advised her to contact a "special person":

"Yurko didn't give me the right to tell this, so I won't delve into the details. But it was he who called me the next day, when I was in the hospital, to find out how I was doing and said that he would advise me to go to some knowledgeable person: "this, Marusya, something is wrong". I found a person to whom, as they say, the whole of Kyiv goes. I came to see her. She does a very common thing in Ukraine, it's called pouring on wax, and it's as if all the evil is coming from you, the pain is coming off. And she said that I was really destined for professional death since 2014, when I was fired from the New Channel, I really didn't have a career. If it's not a show, it's a failure, a failure, what a casting, they don't take me I go to some tests: "we really like you, but the project won't start.

I don't have three or four years.

But not only for professional death,

and that I will always walk on the edge.

In other words, something so terrible will happen to me physically, and I'm not sure how it will go," the host stunned with her story.

Masha Efrosinina / Photo:

What's more, the woman told Efrosyninia that she was married to a college friend who was disturbed by Masha's amazing career.

However, the presenter did not specify who exactly did this:

"And she said that it was done for professional death. It was done by a friend of mine, who does not give rest to my career and my big projects. I don't know who it is, she has to live with it. But this woman said often enough that she believes in everything it does all this. In 2018, after that, I was called on "Dancing with the Stars" and everything went a little bit. Then I returned to the screens, then several shows started, in 2019 I already had a bunch of projects, movies, 2020 , COVID, we developed "Examination", the YouTube channel was launched," Yefrosinina shared.

We will remind you that earlier Masha Efrosinina

commented on the language scandal

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