Heavy snowfall in Kyiv on Wednesday, December 7.

Special equipment will work in the city to eliminate the consequences of bad weather. 

This was reported to the KMDA. 

In the evening of December 7, Kyiv continued to fall asleep with snow.

Snowfall is currently observed in the capital.

Kyivans publish the snowy streets of the capital of Ukraine on social networks. 

Photo: Telegram channel "Kyiv Now: Bucha, Irpen, Gostomel"

The KMDA reported that snow removal equipment is working in Kyiv, cleaning the streets of the capital.

She will continue her work also at night.

Motorists were asked to park properly so as not to interfere with the work of special equipment. 

Photo: Telegram channel "Kyiv Now: Bucha, Irpen, Gostomel"

"Currently, 183 units of special equipment are working. According to forecasters, a little snow is possible at night in some places," the message says. 

Weather in Kyiv

According to forecasters, snow and rain are expected in Ukraine on December 8. 

In Kyiv, on December 8,

 there will be light snow in some places at night, no precipitation during the day.

There is ice on the roads in some places.

The wind is mainly southerly, 7-12 m/s. 

The temperature 

at night is 1-3 degrees below zero, during the day it is around 0 degrees.