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I checked - 16 bills have been uploaded to the website between the first and second readings to extend the Budget.

Two-thirds of them affect people's incomes, so whether pre-election or because of our pressure, obviously the MPs are introducing bills about the minimum wage, easing the costs of young families.

This was stated by Luboslav Kostov, Chief Economist of KNSB, on the air of Nova News.

"I hope the subject of income and the minimum wage is not politicized," he said.

When asked about whether there is enough revenue to cover these measures, he said: "The GDP figures for the third quarter came out today - 44 billion GDP for the last months.

The minimum wage has increased by 9% since April 12, and inflation by 17%.

The actual purchase result decreased by 10%."

He is categorical: "Please, anything below the BGN 850 minimum wage is unacceptable for Bulgarian citizens."

According to him, this will cost BGN 700 million: "This is 1% of all costs.

The scale doesn't catch them.

Let us not be more Catholic than the Pope.'

"If this does not happen - the three names of the deputy, his parliamentary group and the National Security Council will protest against these people, so that it is clear to the citizens who is to blame," he added.

KNSB support the Swiss rule for pensions – to be 50% of the average insurance income and inflation.

"Eurofund": 27% of Bulgarians find it difficult to pay their household bills

"The recession will not affect the state budget as much," he believes.

Regarding the proposal of "Continuing the change" that the third day of sick leave be paid by the NIH, he stated: "The deficit in the NIH is huge.

There is no reason to transfer this burden to the NOI.

There are more important topics than that.”

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