Because of the whole way of working of the official office, our relations with the president became strained.

That fist was just a facade.

This is what the MP from "We continue the change" said on Nova News

Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev presented their political project "We continue the change"" (PP) Michal Kambarev.

He added that Bulgaria will not enter Schengen because "from the outside they see that the corrupt model of work of "Captain Andreevo" is about to return".

Regarding the PP bill on KPCONPI, Kambarev clarified that the goal is to know who is the chairman of the anti-corruption body, in order to know who will take responsibility if the institution in question does not produce the necessary results again.

The deputy pointed out that there will hardly be any political pressure on the chairman of KPCONPI when the framework of the bill is formed.

When asked why the KPCONPI should also have investigative functions, Kambarev answered that this is due to the fact that the prosecutor's office is simply not doing its job.

If the prosecutor's office did its job and there were consequences, there would be no investigative bodies, he said, and specified that a second prosecutor's office was not created in this way.

"Inspectors can investigate and collect evidence, they cannot press charges," explained Michal Kambarev.

Deputies discuss changes in anti-corruption legislation

According to him, the new anti-corruption body should investigate all senior representatives of the government, including

and the president.

Everyone should be equal before the law, so the president should be in that scope and should be included.

If someone violates the law, he must bear the consequences, explained the People's Representative from PP.

Regarding the statements of the GERB leader in recent days, Kambarev noted that these are "acts of Borisov, who has changed his mind three times".

We continue the change

Mikhal Kambarev