The family company of the ex-Minister of Agriculture of Russia and a long-time associate of President Vladimir Putin, Oleksandr Tkachev, seized the agricultural lands of three Ukrainian agricultural holdings

with an area of ​​400,000 acres


This is reported by The Wall Street Journal with reference to the heads of Ukrainian enterprises and the data of intelligence and the state prosecutor's office.

It is noted that these lands are located on the territories captured after the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation.

Their area is more than twice the area of ​​New York.

These are the

lands of Agroton, HarvEast Holding and Nibulon agricultural holdings


The managers of these enterprises said that the agricultural land was 

owned by the company of the family of the oligarch Tkachev.

 His company "Agrokompleks" seized the rights to about 400,000 acres and thus became one of the largest agricultural operators in Ukraine. 

The publication also informed that it had read the documents testifying to the investigation of the alleged expropriation.

It is about an investigation by the military, civilian special services of Ukraine and the prosecutor's office

"Russia takes control of the economy in the occupied territories and uses this control to control the entire territory," said Dmytro Skornyakov, CEO of HarvEast Holding.

We will remind you that earlier the Financial Times published an investigation into how Russia secretly exports grain from the temporarily seized territories of Ukraine.

Investigators traced the path of one of the consignments of grain from Ukraine, which the Russian Federation sold to Turkey.

And the data of the NASA Harvest project indicate that almost 6 million tons of wheat were collected from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, as a result of which the state lost at least 1 billion dollars. 

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