A fire broke out in a house in which a child was sleeping in the city of Khyriv in the Lviv region.

An 11-year-old neighbor noticed this in time and rescued the victim with her grandfather.

This is reported by the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

"There was no light at home, Sofiyka was sitting by the window and saw a fire in the window of the neighboring house where her classmate lives," experts said.

Photo: DSNS

According to them, the girl called her grandfather and they ran to the neighbors together.

Entering one of the rooms, they saw that the girl's classmate Dmytro was sleeping on the bed.

They immediately woke up the boy and took him out into the fresh air and extinguished the fire.

As it turned out, Dmytro lit a candle and fell asleep.

The fire from the burned-out candle spread to the tablecloth on the table and computer equipment.  

The rescuers gave thanks and symbolic gifts to the girl for her heroic act and quick actions that saved the life of a classmate.

We will remind you that a fire broke out in Mykulychyna, Ivano-Frankivsk region, in which two local residents died.

Let's add that a shelter for Ukrainians who fled the war burned down in Poland. 

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