Kremlin propagandists call on their soldiers to give Ukraine a "brutal response".

Russians are silent about their own failures.

They declare this during their talk shows.

"If there is no tough answer by the New Year, I assure you, they will try to do something on December 31 that will not bother any of the Oliviers present here," the propagandists say.

According to them, the Russians should prepare, because the Armed Forces of Ukraine allegedly plan to duck the "abomination" by the New Year or Christmas.

In addition, Russians do not understand how it can be that there is still electricity, water and sewage in Kyiv.

It will be recalled that on December 5, explosions rang out at the Diaghilev and Engels airfields in Russia.

At least two Russian Tu-95s, from which the enemy is attacking Ukraine with missiles, were injured.

Meanwhile, one of the defense advisers of the Ukrainian government said on the condition of anonymity that Ukraine now has no restrictions on the distance of strikes on Russian territory.

According to him, soon the Armed Forces will be able to reach even Siberia.

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