, a Ukrainian language course was launched for Ukrainians who speak Russian and want to switch to their native language.

This is reported by the Embassy of Ukraine in Poland. 

Training takes place both online and in a traditional format.

Educational materials and special tasks have been prepared for those willing to help overcome the language barrier.

The most active will receive awards.

It will also be possible to participate in webinars and conversation clubs in Warsaw and Lublin.

Participation in classes is free.

To join the "speaking clubs", you need to fill out the registration form.

During the meetings, they will talk about ways to overcome the language barrier, the most common mistakes made when switching to the Ukrainian language, discuss Ukrainian music, cinema, books and Ukrainian YouTube, and also joke in Ukrainian.

"The topics of the meetings are preliminarily outlined by the organizers, however, communication in a friendly circle takes place according to the initiative of the participants," the message reads.

In general, the training lasts for 28 days, and thanks to the course, more than 50 thousand people have switched to the Ukrainian language.

We will remind you that in Poland there was a debate

about the language spoken by Ukrainian refugees,

because they are convinced that after Ukrainian children return to their homeland, it is important to rebuild Ukraine in their native language.

In Poland, they are outraged that some Ukrainians speak the language of the occupier, and even offered to teach them their native language.

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