This winter, the team of the

1+1 Big Brave Events

TV channel together with the


festival is preparing a musical Christmas project called "

You are not alone

", in which the performances of the stars will be combined with warm conversations with the heroes of the new time - volunteers, representatives of the cultural and volunteer fronts.

In such a difficult time for the country, project participants united to create an atmosphere of family comfort and support every Ukrainian.

Viewers will see the project "You are not alone" on Christmas, December 25, on the channels of the 1+1 media Group.

Photo: press service of the "1+1" channel

According to the format of the Christmas project, for the first time Ukrainian artists, military personnel, volunteers, cultural figures, representatives of the State Emergency Service and other services will gather in a private and cozy atmosphere to share their Christmas traditions and childhood memories.

So, the famous sniper Yevgenia Emerald and the paramedic Yulia "Tyra" Paevska will talk about the role of women in the war.

The guests will share how they changed during the war, how they experience separation from their relatives, what revaluation of values ​​they underwent during the nine months of indomitable resistance to Russian aggression.

The project will get you closer to those who protect Ukraine at the front, as well as help in the rear.

Photo: press service of the "1+1" channel

The audience can expect unexpected musical collaborations, Ukrainian songs that became hits during the full-scale war, as well as authentic Christmas carols in a modern musical setting.

Popular favorite artists will sing with representatives of the generation of new modern music, which received a powerful impulse from February 24.




















Map of the World




Kolya Serga





, winner of "Voice of the Country-12"

Maria Kvitka


Vera Kekelia


Marta Adamchuk

will take part in the project and other.

Photo: press service of the "1+1" channel

The favorite hosts of 1+1, who worked on the information front all the days of the war and became the support of Ukrainians, will take part in the event - Alla Mazur, Nataliya Moseichuk, Yurii Gorbunov, Lyudmila Barbir, Ruslan Senichkin and others.

This Christmas evening will combine Ukrainian traditions and the realities of today.

Photo: press service of the "1+1" channel

The "You're not alone" project will have a charitable component - everyone who cares will be able to create a Christmas mood and send a gift to the little wards of the "Children's Town" charitable project of SOS, which takes care of families and orphaned children.

By the way, the artists themselves will not leave Ukrainian children without gifts either, and someone will have a unique opportunity to receive a Christmas surprise from the project participants.

The 1+1 Big Brave Events team is working on the creation of the project together with the ATLAS festival.

Do not miss the Christmas project "You are not alone" on December 25 on the channels of the 1+1 media Group.

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