Premier Su Zhenchang presided over the "Executive Yuan Mobilization Report 111 Annual Meeting" yesterday.

(Provided by the Executive Yuan)

[Reporter Zhong Lihua/Taipei Report] Premier Su Zhenchang presided over the "Executive Yuan Mobilization Report 111 Annual Meeting" yesterday, instructing that next year's civil security and Wan'an drills should be combined with important critical infrastructure to expand drills, in the face of evil neighbors' attempts to annex by force In our country, the Ministry of National Defense and relevant ministries will use the Russo-Ukrainian war as a reference to develop simulation exercises of various wartime scenarios and propose specific solutions, including wartime medical system operations, food mobilization preparations, and information protection mobilization preparations.

Su Kui pointed out that evil neighbors are plotting against us day by day and attempting to annex our country by force. Therefore, it is very important to protect the home, disaster prevention, relief, and response in peacetime, as well as defend the enemy and defend the country in wartime. The related work ranges from planning, drills to The proficient operation of personnel, as well as the cooperation and coordination between the central and local governments, the government and the private sector, and various ministries must not only keep pace with the times, but also make all-round preparations in response to various situations, which must not be ignored.

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After listening to the "Annual Work Report" of the Ministry of National Defense, Su Kui said that the National Defense Mobilization Agency of the Ministry of National Defense, relevant ministries, and local governments should cooperate in promoting various improvements, including: in terms of manpower, we should strengthen the training and utilization of civilian power, and complete the wartime Mobilization mechanism; In terms of material resources, strategic material preparation and consolidation of important life-support facilities should be implemented.

Regarding the part of the exercise, Su Kui pointed out that in the next year (2023), the mobilization exercises of Min'an, Wan'an and various ministries should be combined with the maintenance and emergency repair of important key infrastructure to conduct expanded exercises to verify the operational effectiveness of governments at all levels, especially wartime communications. Both communications and road traffic may be paralyzed. All ministries and committees are requested to realistically study various wartime scenarios and conduct simulation exercises based on them.

As for information security and disinformation attacks, Su Kui said that this clearly shows that the information war has arrived, and relevant ministries and committees, such as the Ministry of Digital Affairs, the Communications Association, the Ministry of Justice, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, are requested to discuss and propose solutions as soon as possible.

The digital department must carefully respond to complex information security challenges, so that all departments can increase their vigilance, improve the system protection of core databases and key infrastructure, and eliminate inappropriate information intrusion incidents as soon as possible.