There are many marks of


, one of them being


Anyone who is close to someone with this quality is lucky.

The more any agency has employees who are determined to be faithful and what it is.

In addition to the employer being happy.

Colleagues were relieved.

For example

, Adam Adkisson, an

employee at the Bellevue store at Home Depot, Tennessee, USA, suddenly found an envelope on the sidewalk of a building.

At first I thought it was an empty envelope.

But as soon as I picked it up, I wondered what was inside.

Opened it and found $ 700 in cash, or about 25,000 baht, so immediately handed it to the store manager.

to find the true owner...which after

The manager posted on Facebook that whose envelope dropped.

There was a man named Mark.

Came correctly identified the envelope and said it belonged to his partner

, Jonathan Clayton,

who was stressed and humming that the money had disappeared.

Knowing that the money was still there, he went to the store to get the stuff back and not forgetting to thank Adkisson himself.

Mr. Manager sees subordinates doing good things.

happily said

“Adam did the right thing and I am proud of him.”

This heroic act

Outstanding employees must go in!!

Tricolor cat