"The color does not distinguish between blue and green support zone color Tian Shenjie" once again issued an article to clarify that in fact, her surname is really Yan, please don't call her Mr. Tian again.

(Picture taken from Molly Lingxi Facebook)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] In the local election campaign, "Tian Shenjie, Color Regardless of Blue and Green Supporting Area" with the longest name, won 2,813 votes as a newcomer and was elected as the East District Councilor of Chiayi City, becoming a big dark horse.

However, there are still many people who will call her "Mr. Tian". She also clarified on Facebook today (7th) that her real surname is "Yan".

The live broadcast host "Molly" Lingxi, under the push of the Internet celebrity "small businessman", changed his name to the 16-character "Tian Shenjie, regardless of the color of the color blue and green support zone" to register for election, and finally won the election.

However, she pointed out on Facebook today that she has received many cooperation letters recently, and many people still call her "Mr. Tian", but her real surname is "Yan".

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After the article was exposed, many people left messages, and some netizens still joked and left messages saying "Okay, Councilor Tian", "Hello, Councilor Tian", and "No problem, Councilor Tian".

However, some netizens showed their creativity and left messages saying "Hello, Mr. Yan Ketian", "It's only children who make choices, Mr. Yan Tian, ​​hello".