At present, 30 thousand new cases of Kovid-19 are being reported daily in China.


China on Wednesday withdrew major restrictions related to Kovid-19 after widespread protests.

This is being seen as a step towards ending the dreaded 'Zero Covid' policy, which strictly slowed down the economy and movement of people across the country.

In view of the changing situation and the weakening of the Omicron variant of the corona virus, the State Council, China's cabinet announced new measures regarding Kovid-19.

This information was given in an official announcement.

Under the new measures, the lockdown has been limited to the respective apartments, floors and buildings, instead of the entire district and neighbourhood.

This concern has increased due to the sudden relaxation of restrictions, there may be a sharp increase in the number of new cases of corona infection coming out every day.

At present, 30 thousand new cases of Kovid-19 are coming out every day.

At present, it is getting cold in China and the mercury is below zero.

Under the new rules, people found infected with the corona virus will be able to live in isolation at home instead of being admitted to hospitals.

Apart from this, offline classes can be started in schools where no case of infection has been found.

Similarly, the rule of investigation has also been removed after traveling from outside.

Apart from this, there will be no need to show the result of negative nucleic acid test at places other than some designated places including nursing homes, schools.

These concessions have been given in view of the demonstrations in various cities of China regarding the strict 'Zero Kovid' policy.

Protesters say that due to these restrictions, which have been in force in the country for three years, normal life, travel and employment have been affected, as well as the economy has also been affected.

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