Is running out every day really bad for your body?

Let's look at the factors that affect running frequency.

body sound

Listening to your own body means

If you're feeling pain anywhere

That's how the body tries to communicate to us that

I need a break

Running every day can have a negative effect on us.

If our bodies are hurting

This could lead to serious injury.

So if the body signals something

The best thing we should do is take a break to allow the body to recover itself.

If the muscles have been injured by strenuous exercise

We might still be able to run.

But what is more worrying is

Injuries that are deeper than just simple muscle soreness

which could lead to even worse things.

In addition to the above

Listening to your body can mean you're feeling too tired.

The body is telling us that it needs rest.

If you feel tired or tired from running, you need to listen to your body and get some rest.

rest day

Rest days should also be included in our exercise routines.

As we've seen in all running training plans, there are days when you need to take a break between training.

Because rest is important

It's during our body to repair the muscles.

Exercise causes muscle fatigue.

Taking a break will help your muscles recover.

Including the knees and joints to improve.

for these reasons

not going out for a run every day

And setting alternate rest days on some days may help prevent injuries.

Plus, taking a break can help you stay motivated enough to start running the next day.


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Educate yourself about running every day, is it really bad for your body or not?


The summary of this issue is

There is no fixed conclusion.

Let's say it's easy to notice from the sound.

or the reaction of our own body

If okay, move on.

But if your body starts to give warning signs, you should take a break.

It's better than going forward.

And it has long term negative effects...

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