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Salah Abdeslam and four other defendants in the case of the attacks of March 22, 2016 in Brussels, left the courtroom this morning in protest against the way they were transported from prison to court, reported AFP.

"All we want is to speak and defend ourselves," said defendant Ali El Hadad Assoufy.

Defendants Salah Abdeslam, Mohamed Abrini, Osama Krayem and Sufiyan Ayari have already been sentenced in France for their involvement in the November 13, 2015, attacks in Paris.

"Everything is done to keep us silent (. . .), everything is done to break us mentally," added Ali El Hadad Assoufy, who is accused of providing logistical support to the perpetrators of the attacks in Brussels, in which 32 people died. 

Brussels is hearing the case of the 2016 Zaventem airport attacks.

Expressions of dissatisfaction with the way the defendants were transported also marked Monday's court session.

The defendants claim they were blindfolded and played "satanic" music during the transport.