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A house burned down in a fire in the village of Bortsi, Shumensko, reported the press center of the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. 

The fire was reported on "Palamara" street in the village at around 18:00 yesterday. Firefighting teams from Shumen were sent to the scene. They found a house with a shed on fire, with the fire also covering part of the roof of the neighboring house. Help a team from the fire department in Kaolinovo also came to the extinguishing. 

The fire in the house was extinguished with the help of 30 tons of water, but about 40 square meters of roof structure and household property were destroyed.

About 10 square meters of roof structure in the second house was also destroyed, but the flames were extinguished and it was saved from fire. 

A man was injured in a fire in Silistrensko

The cause of the fire was carelessness when handling a heating device, added the police press center. 

On August 25, a house burned down in a fire in the village of Tsani Ginchevo, Shumensko.