The industry seeks help from councilors and asks the district office to provide information to assist them in distributing supplies to the disadvantaged.

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[Reporter Wang Jie/Tainan Report] Dumplings in the Vientiane Ballroom in Tainan, because they have a lot of fillings and are big, but they were only eaten in the dance halls before, were jokingly called "old driver's dumplings" by consumers and became popular. Last year, the dumpling business started a business and applied for the "zoo Big dumplings” trademark, although the profit per package is only 60 yuan, over the past year, the business owner saved 10 yuan for every package of dumplings sold, and used the saved money to buy rice and toilet paper, and give back to the 200 low-income households and single-parent families around the ballroom.

After "Old Driver's Dumplings" became a topic by accident, everyone thought they were dumplings made by the Vientiane Ballroom, so some consumers called them "Vientiane Dumplings". However, these dumplings were actually bought by the dance hall from the dumpling industry. During the epidemic, eight major industries were affected. The dumpling industry applied for the trademark "Zoo Big Dumplings" and offered flavors such as shrimp, corn and shiitake mushrooms that cannot be eaten in dance halls for consumers to choose. There are 50 dumplings in a pack, but the profit is only More than 60 yuan.

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The owner said that they named it "Zoo Big Dumplings" because they were embarrassed to use the name of the ballroom, but the code word for the old driver to go to the Vientiane Ballroom was "go to the zoo", so I thought of this code word to name it, and I also thank the ballroom at that time The online buzz created made the dumplings popular, but only the buzz and no quality will soon be eliminated. It just so happens that their dumplings can stand the test, and each one is filled by hand. After a year, they have won other consumers favor.

Ask the industry players if they name it this way, will they worry that consumers will have some negative impressions of the eight major industries?

The business owner said that in the past, dumplings were only sold in dance halls, and the customer base was limited. However, after starting the business, there are customers from all walks of life. In order to let consumers change their brand image, they want to give back to the society. For every package of dumplings sold in the past year, they will save ten dollars. Yuan, use the saved money to buy rice and toilet paper, give back to low-income households, and continue to do good deeds in the future.

Dumpling producers buy rice and tissue paper for disadvantaged families around the dance hall.

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"Zoo Big Dumplings" became popular because of "Old Driver", and applied for a trademark to start a business. Each dumpling is filled by hand.

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