Four-pronged cat broke the news again, pointing out that Jiang Qingshan, the assistant of Gao Hongan, the mayor-elect of the People's Party of Hsinchu, received office assistant fees and party workers' salaries at the same time.

(Liu Yu's facebook, this newspaper's information photo, synthesized by this newspaper)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] PTT Internet celebrity "Sichamao" often broke the gossip of Taiwan's People's Party in his Facebook post. Receive office assistant fee and party worker salary, the two salaries add up to 90,000 yuan.

Sichamao posted a screenshot on the Facebook PO. The top of the screenshot is the details of the Taiwan People's Party's personnel expenses from October 31, 2018 to November 5, 2019. You can see that the object of the expenditure is Jiang Qingshan, and the amount starts from the lowest. The price ranges from 21,300 yuan to 62,600 yuan. Below the screenshot is the change form for the selection and appointment of the legislators' self-appointed public assistants. The name column of the public assistant is Jiang Qingshan. The reason for the change is new employment. day.

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The four-pronged cat taunted in the post that "Panda Abei Microscope =​Jiang Qingshan, and at the same time received the office assistant fee of Gao Hongan, and the salary of the party worker of the Taiwan People's Party. The two salaries combined, the monthly income is 90,000. I am now Can you start shouting "Jiang Jiuwan/Xiong Jiuwan"? If not, I will call it later..."

Netizens commented after seeing the post, "If you have a backer, you can get 90,000 yuan", "One person does one job and gets two salaries... No wonder the government gives the People's Party tens of millions of political party subsidies every year, which is not enough ", "Laughing, Jiang Jiuwan, Abo Xicai, earning 90,000 a month, I wonder if the party workers of the People's Party have this price?", "Simply put, this matter is not just Gao Hongan himself, but It is the problem of the entire popular party group", "Look carefully, this person is too ruthless, even bilateral parasitism, if there is no accident, there will be an accident soon", "It really is the treasury and the party treasury!"

Four-prong cat Facebook post.

(picture taken from Facebook)