Mykhailo Podolyak, an adviser to the Office of the President of Ukraine, commented on a number of statements made by Russian President Vladimir Putin on December 7, saying that he thus recorded his war crime.

The adviser to the head of the OP spoke about this on the air of TSN within the framework of the telethon "Edyny novyny".

In particular, Podolyak reacted to the fact that Putin recorded the "appearance of new regions in the Russian Federation" before the war against Ukraine.  

"The occupied territories are not the property of the Russian Federation. It's just

that a person (Putin - ed.) still has certain illusions,

so he continues to insist that he came to another country to kill people and thus solved some of his issues that he himself delivered," commented the adviser to the head of the presidential office.

He added that with today's statements, Putin recorded the goals of the war with murder and occupation, as well as a deliberate violation of international law and a war crime.

"Officially, it looks as follows. First, Mr.

Putin recorded that there are no other goals in this operation,

except one - to enter Ukraine, kill people - civilians, first of all, and the military, of course - to take the lion's share territories and continue to genocidate the Ukrainian state as such. He finally recorded this goal today. And in this way, he recorded that this is an absolutely clear position on the deliberate violation of international law, the international mandate as such, the UN Charter as such. That is

, this person has just recorded a specific premeditated crime

is a military crime, as well as against humanity," explained Podolyak.

He assured that Ukraine will gradually release all its captured territories, and changes in the Russian Constitution regarding these lands will be canceled within the limits of international law.

"Of course, he can paint a picture for himself in Leninist tones - that "someone over there took something from us". No, today the stage of unblocking the territories is gradually underway, including the territories that Ukraine temporarily lost in the 14th year. These territories will be gradually liberated, and in this way,

everything he wrote down in the Constitution will be canceled within the framework of international law

. Thus, Russia at this time, when it will lose all this, will understand what international law is," predicts the adviser to the head of the OP.

He also expressed the opinion that everything that Putin declares should be recorded only as evidence within the framework of the legal process that is already underway.

What Putin announced on December 7

During a meeting in the Kremlin with members of the Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights, Putin said that the so-called "SVO" could drag on for a long time.

The president of the aggressor country also invented that after the "accession" of Ukrainian territories, the Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAzov "became an internal sea for the Russian Federation."

He also once again accused the Armed Forces of Ukraine of "genocide", saying that they apparently do not allow water to be supplied to Donetsk.

The head of the Kremlin lied about the absence of desertion among the Russian occupiers in Ukraine.

Putin did not forget about the topic of nuclear weapons, announcing the growing threat of nuclear war.

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