Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, whose terrorists are firing missiles at residential buildings and infrastructure throughout Ukraine, cynically stated that this is what "Ukraine is doing in the occupied Donbas." 

The dictator announced this on Wednesday, December 7, during a meeting of the Human Rights Council. 

The Russian dictator, whose army is razing Ukrainian cities to the ground, cynically stated that "Ukraine is shelling residential areas in Donbas and it's terrible."

Putin also made a mistake, saying that Western human rights defenders "don't notice the shelling" of parts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions occupied by Russia. 

The dictator said that Russia does not need Western human rights organizations, because "they were created to destabilize the situation in the post-Soviet space." 

How Russia is shelling residential areas in Ukraine and killing people 

Russian terrorists are barbarically shelling Ukraine.

The occupiers are striking residential buildings with missiles and Iranian drones. 

People's deputy, member of the VRU committee on national security, defense and intelligence, representative of the president in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Fedir Venislavskyi, said that since February 24, Russian terrorists have destroyed

38,000 residential buildings, 2,719 educational institutions, and more than 1,250 medical institutions. 

Russian terrorists literally destroyed the residential area of ​​Kharkiv - Saltivka, where there were only residential buildings.

The Russians also terrorized Mykolaiv until November.

Russia regularly fires missiles at residential buildings throughout the territory of Ukraine. 

On October 6, Russian terrorists fired rockets at residential buildings in Zaporizhzhia, fires broke out in the city.

People were under the rubble. 

As a result of the rocket attack, 19 people died


On July 14, 

it became known about the shelling of Vinnytsia


There, the Russians bombed a building with office space.

Three rockets by Russian criminals hit a civilian building.

At least 28 people died as a result of the shelling. 

Russia also shelled residential buildings in Chasovoy Yar.

48 people died there. 

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