The former political prisoner told the "Voices" project about his life.

Svoboda reprinted this text.

Aleksey Romanov

was diagnosed with cancer in the

spring of 2020.

They performed a complex operation, removed the spleen, part of the stomach, intestine, and pancreas, because the tumor had metastasized.

Then Alyaksei received the second group of disability at the commission.

In the winter of 2020, Romanov was sentenced to a year in prison for insulting Alexander Lukashenko.

During the 2020 election campaign, Romanov participated in the campaign for Svetlana Tsikhanovskaya and spoke favorably of Lukashenka at a rally in Khvoyniki.

"I don't live now, I only survive thanks to caring people.

I see that the state doesn't care about disabled people.

Even in the colony, I was on the commission and they left me with the second group of disabilities.

And after returning from the colony, there was a commission and they took away the second group from me, leaving only the third, the working group.

I told them: "So did my spleen, pancreas, intestines grow?"

No, they say.

But the group was taken away," says the former political prisoner.

In the second group of disability, Romanov had a pension of 278 rubles.

In the third, I now have 248. He says that he gives 180 of them for medicine.

"It turns out that the group was taken away because the condition has improved?

I feel worse and worse, especially after the zone.

My vision improved, chronic pancreatitis gained, and diabetes is on the way.

I went to the "Center for Social Services of the Population".

They just laughed at me there.

They said there is no money, no resources.

It was still in the fall of 2021.

They sent me to the border - to the refugees.

Like, all the money and help is there now.

And to this day I have nothing from any organization.

I live thanks to good people, but it's a shame.

A grown man also cares about money," says Aleksey.

Romanov says that he is not being hired anywhere.

"Even a janitor, even a guard.

After all, they say: "Are you sick of cholera, you invalid?".

Even in the social service, they cheated on their pension.

I worked in the north of Russia.

I wanted to get a pension from there.

Our social services started dissuading: "Don't do this, it will take several years, we will give you a pension of 80 rubles.

I was so angry that I even called the police on them," says the former prisoner.

Aleksey claims that when he was last in the hospital, he was told that hemodialysis should be done.

"But there is a fee.

It costs, as I learned at the Center for Radiation Medicine, more than $100.

My pension does not reach this amount.

That's how I live," says Aleksey.