Lin Zhezhang wrote articles in the style of "light language art". He was dissatisfied with fellow writer Zhang Dachun (see photo) online posting that "such mentally weak language will only make future adults fall early", and filed a lawsuit for aggravated defamation. Zhang Dachun did not prosecute, and the court also believed that Zhang Dachun did not break the law.

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[Reporter Wen Yude/Taipei Report] Writer Lin Zhezhang wrote articles in the style of "light language art", but Zhang Dachun, who is also a writer, pointed out in a Facebook post last year that "such mentally retarded shallow language will only make future adults fall early." , Lin Zhezhang believed that his reputation was damaged, and he filed a lawsuit for aggravated defamation. After being punished by the local procuratorate and not prosecuting, and the High Prosecutor's Office rejected it for reconsideration, Lin Zhezhang changed his petition to the court. The Taipei District Court still rejected Lin Zhezhang's petition, and the case was finalized.

On December 8 last year, Zhang Dachun posted on Facebook the second-grade Mandarin text "Men, Fighting the Great Immortal" published by Hanlin, and mentioned in the post that "in my opinion, this kind of text is nonsense; it is also a comprehensive Chinese language education. Evidence of deinfantization. Such low-level and ignorant articles are included in textbooks, probably to humiliate parents and teachers. However, everyone seems to think it doesn’t matter. Damn children and grandchildren have their own blessings!”

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Zhang Dachun added: "The author, Lin Zhezhang, claims to "believe in the art of shallow language" and "hope to please future adults". However, I believe that such mentally retarded shallow language will only make future adults fall early."

Zhang Dachun’s post sparked discussions in the educational circles, and Hanlin also issued a statement stating that "The Door, Fighting the Great Immortal" teaches children to understand emotions through the stories of the two protagonists in the text, and designs confusing words and the same parts of words into texts in the form of story poems , to facilitate literacy teaching.

As for Lin Zhezhang, he believed that Zhang Dachun had damaged his reputation and filed a criminal complaint.

The District Prosecutor's Office believes that Zhang Dachun is commenting on matters that can be judged by the public, and Zhang Dachun refers to the "mentally retarded shallow language" in the post. sue.

Lin Zhezhang filed for reconsideration, but was rejected by the High Prosecutor's Office.

Lin Zhezhang later appealed to the court to be handed over for trial. The North Court stated that Zhang Dachun’s post was to express his dissatisfaction with the selection and editing of "articles in the Mandarin textbook for the second grade of our country" and the appropriateness of Chinese education, and only mentioned Lin Zhezhang’s The author's belief is not aimed at Lin Zhezhang's personal personality and reputation. Therefore, it is affirmative to reject Lin Zhezhang's petition.