The star of "Kvartal 95"

Yuriy Tkach

amused his fans with a new video in which he joked about a current topic - power outages in Ukraine. 

In a video shared by the actor on his Instagram, he tried to find alternative electricity during the blackout.

The situation turned out to be familiar to many Ukrainians, because now we are all looking for ways to provide ourselves with light and heat during power outages. 

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So, Tkach tried to get static energy from synthetic fabric, tried to pedal a bicycle and even made a windmill from a fan.

But in the end, the soldiers of the Armed Forces came to the aid of the actor, who, according to the plot, gave him a generator instead of the car he gave to the front. 

Fans of Tkach were very amused and uplifted by such a video from the actor, because many recognized themselves in these shots.

  •  There is nowhere without humor!

  • Thank you!

    Raised the mood!

  • This series always makes my day!

  • Thanks for cheering me up!

We will remind you that earlier the singer Jamala


what evening Kyiv looks like during a blackout.

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