In the video shared by the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin can be seen driving a Mercedes car.


The war between the Russia-Ukraine war (Russia-Ukraine War) is taking more than 9 months.

On October 10, in retaliation from Ukraine, the Crimean Bridge was broken.

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited this bridge on Monday.

This bridge connects Russia and Crimea.

This video of the Russian President's visit to the Crimea bridge has been released by the Russian President's Office, Kremlin.

According to the report made in the international media, Putin had reached there to take stock of the ongoing construction work after the blast.

After the attack on this bridge, Russia reacted sharply and rained several bombs on Ukraine.

This 19 kilometer long bridge is very important for Russia.  

In the video shared by the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin can be seen driving a Mercedes car.

It is being told that after going some distance, Putin also walked on foot and also talked to the laborers engaged in the construction work.

The military importance of this bridge can be gauged from the fact that after the attack on Ukraine on February 24, Russia is sending its military forces to Crimea through this bridge.

From Crimea itself, Russia is easily able to capture Kherasan and Zaporozhye in Southern Ukraine.

This bridge is also an important means for making telecommunication contact with Russia. 


Vladimir Putin drives car on Crimea bridge, destroyed in Ukraine attack

— NDTV India (@ndtvindia) December 6, 2022

Russia annexed the Ukrainian territory of Crimea in 2014.

After this, the Kerch bridge was built in the sea to connect this area with Russia.

This bridge is seen as a symbol of Russia's occupation of Crimea.

On 8 October 2022, there was a huge explosion on the Kerch bridge connecting Russia with Crimea.

The sound of the explosion on the bridge was heard several kilometers away.

A video of this also went viral on social media.

It could be seen in the video that a part of the roadway bridge fell into the sea.

In this blast, three people traveling in a car passing by were killed.

Russia's supply line was cut due to the collapse of the bridge.

It was said to be the biggest attack against Russia since the destruction of the Moskva missile cruiser on the Ukrainian front in April.

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