South Korea, in cooperation with the United States, will conduct an anti-nuclear terrorist attack drill code-named "Winter Tiger 3" (Winter Tiger III) in Seoul today.

The picture shows U.S. Secretary of Defense Austin (left) and South Korean Defense Minister Lee Jong-sub (right) at the Pentagon in November this year.

(European News Agency)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] On the occasion of North Korea's recent military provocations, South Korea's Foreign Ministry announced today (6) that it will cooperate with the United States to carry out a military operation code-named "Winter Tiger III" (Winter Tiger III) in Seoul. Anti-nuclear terrorist attack exercise.

According to comprehensive Korean media reports, the exercise will last for two days starting today, and is jointly hosted by the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the U.S. Department of Defense and Energy. A total of 150 people participated, including personnel from organizations related to nuclear and radiation terrorist attacks in the two countries.

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The background of the exercise is set on how to make the most appropriate decision-making management for various departments of the country under the assumption of nuclear terrorist attacks in the cities of the two countries, as well as the recovery and aftermath of the incident after the incident; in addition, all participants in the exercise also It is necessary to adapt to the emergency situation and make the most efficient response measures.

"Winter Tiger 3" is one of many exercises co-created by the Korea-U.S. High-Level Nuclear Committee (HLBC), which was conducted in 2017 and 2019.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Korea stated that the exercise is based on the mutual trust between South Korea and the United States. It will not only promote nuclear energy cooperation between South Korea and the United States, but also further consolidate the alliance between the two countries.