Ratchadamnoen Stadium Wednesday, December 7th (today) is a boxing program.

New Power Muay Thai Fight

Organized by promoter Sommai Sakulmetta, pair of boxing pairs, odd pairs, collect 500-1,000-2,000 baht for viewing. JKN 18 broadcasts live from 6:15 PM to 8:15 PM.

Petch Thaweesak

S. Muen Sai Gym (Won TKO, Petchnam Nueng, S. Wang Suea, round 4 at Rainn.) Boxing, skillful rhythm, kicking, punching, punching, hitting the knee, wrestling with a strong, smart, fresh form to win Luffy Tong Phatthalung (lost on points to help the nation Chang Nakornsri at Omnoi) Boxing is tough, kicking and punching.

The fist thrusted the knee, wrestled violently, with all the strength, but the rhythm was second, slower than 116 lbs.

Lepong Umkatong Chiangmai (Won TKO Petchsila Ch. Chananan, first round at Ratn.) Boxing rhythm, kick, punch, punch, knee, elbow, accurate, sharp, intelligent, but protracted, second to lose Chamuak Phet Tor.Pran 47 (Won TKO Petchsirichok S. Puangthong, round 3 at Lop.) Strong boxing, kicking, punching, punching the knee.

Wrestling hit hard. There was always more than the end of 117 lbs.

Chatploy S. Poolsawat (lost by points Kaenpitak Naya Park View at Ratn.) Rhythm boxing skill, kick, punch, punch, knee wrestle.

Violent, smart, masterful, well-versed in the game, but the end strength is second to none, losing to Sak Lek (Kiat Phetdecha) Coco Land Chiang Rai (lost on Petch Pad Riw points, Sor. Wichit Mueang Pad Riw in Nonthaburi). There is always more strength than the fun type 122 lbs.

Yodchai Yokkhaosanchaigym (Won points by Mowgli Chajonboon at Omnoi) Boxing Rhythm skill kick and punch

Stabbing knees, elbows, accurate, intense, smart, square, better than winning both sides of the Mekong FA group (lost score Bua Khiao Phuket Fight Club at Ronn.) Boxing is strong, kicking, punching, punching, knees, elbows, wrestling, fierce, always strong. But the main rhythm

is second later than 133 lbs.

Singwangthong S. Wiangsa (Won points Panpettae Nui Yardnamkhang in Pattani) strong boxing, kicking, punching, punching the knees, wrestling hard, having more strength to win Plerng Arom S. Boonchai (losing on Narongrit points, Phitsanulok Sports School at LorPon.) Rhythm boxing, kicking, punching, punching, knee-wrestling, strong but strong, second only to 117 Por.

Chao Sun S. Wiangsa (Win Nateechai Sor. Boonsong in Surat Thani) Boxing Rhythm, kick, punch, punch, thrust, hit the knee, hit the knee well, but was in second place, losing to Yod Khun Thap Phayak Mueang Lung (won the score of Phet Mueang Nuea, Sit Je Daeng at Red n.) strong boxing, kicking, punching, punching the knee

Wrestling hit hard. There was always a lot of fun. 113 lbs.

Kaolaan Sitkamnaneng (wins TKO, Phetphadaen, Romsaiwittaya School, Round 2 at Ronn.) Boxing, rhythmic kick, punch, punch, knee wrestling, strong hit, smart, seasoned, will win. Focus (Chao Ngor Sakon Nakhon Sports School) Toddy Muay Thai (Win by TKO, Phet Song Kwae, Por Srisukarn, first round in Nonthaburi) Boxing fight, walking, kicking the legs, punching the rubber, punching the elbow, punching hard, but unable to press down at the beginning. Prolonging the bone as a secondary type, must be excited about 126 lbs.

Saenrit (Pakthongkam Sinbi Muay Thai) Singmawin (lost by points to Petchchokchai Bor.Boonsomkuanthavorn at Don Mueang) Boxing kick-to-punch rhythm

Kha wrestling punches, strong hits, always have more strength to win Jomjai Fighter Gym (lost by Nopdej Chor. Hapayak score at Omnoi) Boxing fights, kicks, punches, punches, punches, knees, elbows, but knees in the bottom 124 lbs.

Chai Sit Ajarn Bee