Military expert Oleg Zhdanov compared the situation in Donetsk region with the events of the First World War, namely, with the operation in March 1918, when the German troops under the leadership of Erich Ludendorff carried out the last offensive, which led to the disaster.

Zhdanov told about this on December 6.

According to him, the General Staff of the Russian Federation has launched a similar operation in Donetsk region.

"What is happening now in Donbass?... They (Russian troops - ed.) got involved in this battle, took a stand in Bakhmut-Avdiivka-Soledar-Pisky and concentrated their main efforts there. They have no strength in the rest of the areas. They sit and pray, so that we don't go on the offensive. They no longer have offensive potential anywhere. That grouping of troops that left the right bank of the Dnipro River was thrown in the direction of Donetsk. They deprived themselves of the opportunity to maneuver," Zhdanov noted.

He added that the invaders can no longer change the main vector of the offensive and have gone all-in: they are unable to either stop and transfer the troops to another direction, or advance, because they are losing manpower.

At the same time, military expert Dmytro Snegiriov compared Russia's actions

under Bakhmut with WWII tactics.

There, the enemy shoots deserters.

It will be recalled that the police documented the consequences of enemy attacks on 12 settlements in the 



Civil infrastructure was damaged there.  

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