After Lin Nan received the investigation notice from the court, he felt dissatisfied. He shot Gao Nv's current boyfriend in the chest and shot Gao Nv 6 times. 1 shot hit the left leg of the tall girl.

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[Reporter Wang Dingchuan/New Taipei Report] A woman surnamed Gao applied for the issuance of a general protection order because a man surnamed Lin under the age of 44 harassed her. After Lin Nan received the court investigation notice, he was dissatisfied. The gun shot Gao Nu's current boyfriend in the chest, and fired 6 shots in a row at Gao Nu, 4 of which were aimed at the head but missed, 1 shot missed, and only 1 hit the Gao Nu's left leg, the New Taipei District Court heard Later, Lin Nan was sentenced to 16 years in prison for attempted homicide and violation of the regulations on the control of guns, ammunition, and knives.

Prosecutor and police investigation. On May 11 this year, after Lin received the court investigation notice, he wanted to find Gao Nv for a theory. When Gao Nu and Wang Nan went home, they were even more dissatisfied when they saw Gao Nu holding a mobile phone to search for evidence. They quarreled and shot Wang Nan in the chest with a modified pistol, causing Wang Nan to fall to the ground.

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After investigation by the prosecutors, Lin Nan fired two shots at Gao Nv's head. Because the bullet was jammed and failed to fire, he reloaded the gun and shot at Gao Nv's head again. Fortunately, Gao Nv ducked and dodged without being hit. Gao Nu shot at the body of Gao Nu on the ground and shot her in the left leg; Lin Nan still didn't give up, and then fired two shots at Gao Nu's head, but failed to fire because the bullet jammed.

According to the investigation by the prosecutor, Lin Nan originally wanted to reload the gun and continue shooting, but Wang Nan, who fell on the ground, desperately got up to grab the gun, and Lin Nan escaped from the scene.