International Chongta free clinic train starts, serving the elderly in Xiangshan on 12/10 (provided by International Chongta Hsinchu Association)

[Reporter Hong Youfang/Hsinchu Report] In order to care for the health of the elderly, to promote the concept of healthy and happy seniors, and to prevent geriatric diseases and women's two major cancers, the free clinic train of the International Chongta Hsinchu Club has been launched again after two years. At 8:30 a.m. on December 10th, the "Worship She Loves You - Elderly Free Clinic" event will be held at Zhongpu Limin Activity Center, Xiangshan District, Hsinchu City (No. 5, Lane 226, Section 4, Zhonghua Road, Hsinchu City) Free clinics are provided for students of the Age Learning Center and residents aged 55 and over in Xiangshan District.

International Chongta Hsinchu Club stated that the content of this free clinic is diverse, including a number of diagnostic items such as physical examination, preventive medicine, pediatric consultation, cardiovascular disease, healthy aging consultation, blood test three high, internal medicine and family medicine consultation, dental health check , Psychic energy testing, physical fitness and cancer prevention publicity station including pap smear, mammography car.

In addition, visually impaired groups are also invited to perform shoulder and neck massage services and performances for the public, and high-quality gifts are provided for lucky draws, hoping to bring a healthy and joyful time to the elderly participating in the free clinic.

Zonta International was founded by a group of professional women in Buffalo, USA in 1919. In view of the low status of women and the lack of economic independence, Zonta’s goal was to empower women to improve women’s status and to serve women Building a better world and continuing to do so today, more than 100 years later

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At present, the International Zonta Club has 27 branches in Taiwan. The International Zonta Club in Hsinchu was founded in 1983 by Shen Yali, the principal of the Hsinchu Girls’ High School. We do our best for social welfare.

Wang Meixuan, the current president of the International Chongta Hsinchu Club, said that the International Chongta Hsinchu Club has held free clinics for more than 20 years, and the service targets are diverse, including new resident families, kindergarten children, community residents, company employees, etc.

This free clinic activity invites Xinren Hospital, Jin Zhengshun Clinic, Guanjie Dental Clinic, Qiancai Shengyi Clinic, Jiaofu Energy Center, Kanghuo Liyuan Health Management Aesthetics Institute, Cambridge Medical Laboratory, Yuanpei Medical Science and Technology University, International Support Co-organized by Hsinchu Northwest Club in Lun Club 3501 District, Elderly Learning Center in Xiangshan District, Hsinchu City, Zhongpu Community Development Association in Xiangshan District, Hsinchu City, Fuluoli Hotel, Zhumeng Rotary Club and Hsinchu Branch of World Chinese Business Women's Enterprise Management Association, At the same time, I will lead more than 10 students from Guangfu High School to participate in the service to cultivate the social responsibility of young people, and also hope to bring health and happiness to the elderly in Xiangshan District.