When Maria Kalesnikova was brought to the hospital by ambulance, she asked to contact her father in order to make a decision about the operation, writes Viktar Babarika's Telegram channel after yesterday's 10-minute meeting between Maria and her father Alexander Kalesnikova.

The doctors explained to Maria that she had developed peritonitis, and a decision should be made immediately.

Maria agreed to the operation.

She underwent a laparoscopy with a small incision.

Healing is normal, there is no more drainage.

According to the doctors in the medical unit, all the necessary procedures and tests are done.

Now Maria does not eat much, because at the moment the food in the colony does not suit her.

The nursing unit promised to adjust the diet.

At the same time, as Viktar Babarika's Telegram channel notes, Maria repeatedly requested that all details about her condition and diagnosis be reported to her father.

However, this never happened.

On December 5, Aleksandr Kalesnikov was allowed to see his daughter and make sure that she was okay.

Maria has lost weight, she still has little strength.

The 10-minute meeting took place under the supervision of a doctor and colony staff.

At the weekend, Maria was transferred from the Gomel emergency hospital to the colony - now she is in a medical hospital.

She will be under the supervision of doctors for at least another 10 days.

The diagnosis is a peptic ulcer, reports Viktar Babarika's tg channel.

Maria Kalesnikova thanked the doctors of the emergency hospital who saved her life.

The sources of Radio Svaboda reported that the medical staff of the hospital is forbidden to tell anything under the threat of criminal prosecution.

On November 30, Svaboda was informed that Maria Kalesnikova was brought to the intensive care unit of the Gomel hospital in serious condition.

Earlier, Svaboda reported that she was guarded by three policemen in the emergency hospital, one of them was armed with a machine gun.

For prisoner patients admitted to the Gomel emergency hospital, located in the very center of Gomel near the city park, the surgery has a special ward with bars and a place for escorts.

In September 2020, the coordinator of Viktor Babaryka's headquarters, a member of the Coordination Council, Maria Kalesnikova, was captured by the security forces and tried to forcibly take her to Ukraine.

At the border, she tore up her passport, climbed out of the car window and returned to the territory of Belarus, where she was immediately detained.

Kolesnikova was tried behind closed doors together with lawyer Maksim Znak.

She was found guilty under three articles of the Criminal Code and sentenced to 11 years in prison on September 6, 2021.