The first tranche of the Recovery and Resilience Plan money comes next week.

This was stated by the acting Deputy Prime Minister for the management of European funds, Atanas Pekanov

Atanas Pekanov is an economist at the Austrian Institute for Economic Research (WIFO), in Vienna, at a Banker's Day conference.

The first funds from the Plan were approved at the beginning of November by the European Commission, and last week all member countries gave the green light for the payment.

Pekanov also pointed out that the deputies have not yet adopted any of the laws that are required for the release of the second tranche of the euro funds.

Atanas Pekanov: Bulgaria will receive BGN 2.7 billion from the EU by the end of the year

"Most likely next week Bulgaria will receive the funds under the first tranche of the Recovery and Sustainability Plan.

There, in general terms, everything on the part of the Bulgarian institutions has been cleared.

The second tranche is the most difficult of the Recovery and Resilience Plan.

It includes 66 measures, most of which require a certain type of vote in the parliament," said Pekanov.

Atanas Pekanov

Recovery and Resilience Plan (RSP)