Korat commander moves, send urgent letter to

The superintendent ordered the establishment of a disciplinary investigation committee "Rong Ae", deputy inspector Suspect Dan Khun Thot, who drove a pickup truck, obstructed, refused to avoid the way for an emergency vehicle.

The results must be reported by December 15.

In the case of a Facebook page, post a video clip

A commissioned police officer under Dan Khun Thot Police Station, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, driving a Ford pick-up truck.

obstructed, refused to dodge the emergency ambulance of the Sawang Wicha Thammasat Foundation Pak Chong

Take a female patient, about 73 years old, who is a critical patient in the red case, unconscious, to send the transfusion to the hospital car.

for immediate referral to hospital

which is highly criticized

It was later learned that the aforementioned policeman was Pol.Lt.Chor.Chanchai Bengchantuk, deputy inspector of the Dan Khun Thot police station.

In which he met with investigators at Pak Chong Police Station to acknowledge the allegations of offenses under Section 76(2) of the Traffic Act while driving when he saw an emergency vehicle using flashing lights.

or hear the siren

or other sound signals

The car must be stopped or parked close to the edge on the left side.

He was ordered to pay a fine of 500 baht as reported in the news.

The latest progress on December 6, 2022, Pol.

I have the most urgent letter to Pol. Col. Phuthai Chaosungnoen, Superintendent of Dan Khun Thot Police Station.

to check the facts of such cases

and disciplinary action

The results must be reported by December 15, 2022.

The reporter asked Pol. Col. Phuthai Chaosungnoen, Superintendent of Dan Khun Thot Police Station.

It has been revealed that

After the incident, Lieutenant Colonel Chanchai Bengchantuk or Rong-Ae, Deputy Police Station, Dan Khun Thot Police Station was called.

come ask the facts

In which the person clarified to him that

Didn't mean to block the emergency vehicle.

which at the time of the incident was parked at a red light

and did not see the siren signal of the emergency vehicle behind

Then heard the sound of the ambulance officer announced that

to dodge emergency vehicles

which at that time he was confused

and thinking of where to escape

because it was parked at a red light

by confirming that there was no intention to block the way of the emergency vehicle

This matter was reported to the commander of the Nakhon Ratchasima Provincial Police.


which the supervisor ordered him to pay a fine according to the law

and conduct a disciplinary examination

After this, the police officer who drove the pickup truck will be contacted to adjust the understanding with the emergency vehicle personnel.

And sorry for the next incident.