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The additional paper and plastic line number plates that are placed on the windshield of all vehicles, and which are called "obituaries" in the circles of workers and transport fans, are going down in history for a large percentage of the rolling stock.

These signs were put up as an accessible information measure for the visually impaired following a decision by the Anti-Discrimination Commission in a 2016 complaint.

Then, the accessibility of information in transport is unsatisfactory, and the municipal authorities in the person of the deputy mayor Evgeni Krusev refuse to make sufficient efforts.

Thus, even modern vehicles are "punished" to put a license plate on the front.

Photo: IBIS technicians-Sofia/Mario Evstatiev

After 2018, the team of experts "IBIS Technicians - Sofia", together with the new Deputy Mayor for Transport and the Commission for Transport and Road Safety, started a series of measures to improve the accessibility of information in vehicles by applying adapted fonts for electronic signs, a large number of trams are equipped with electronic signs, voice announcements are installed in the vehicles.

Thus, 4 years later, on the basis of the measures taken, it becomes possible for more than 300 vehicles not to use the additional front information device.

Naturally, people with special sensory needs are not harmed, because the team has developed an adapted version of an additional sign that will be placed on the side next to the 1st door of buses, trolleybuses and trams.

For some buses, the plate on the front also remains, but with a new look and placed in such a way that it gives information and does not indicate the number, explained Mario Evstatiev, an expert at the Transport Commission.

Photo: IBIS technicians-Sofia/Mario Evstatiev

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