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The search for the two 15-year-old Bulgarian girls from Munich continues on the 12th day.

They are twins, live in the German city with their parents, and have been missing since November 24. 

The two girls were last seen at their parents' home on November 24, getting ready for bed around 10:00 p.m.

The next morning, there was no sign of them, and their mother filed a report with the police at noon, BTV reported.

15-year-old Bulgarian twins disappeared in Germany

There is no note left or any other type of evidence to point to where the girls might be.

At the moment, the search operation for the Bulgarian women by the Munich police has been unsuccessful.

According to the media, there was an argument between the sisters and their parents, and the police do not have information about a crime at this stage.

Our diplomats from our Consulate General in Munich are in contact with the police in the Bavarian capital.

The two sisters are identical twins, 15 years old, 160 cm tall and weighing about 55 kg.

Police are asking anyone who has seen the girls or has information about them to contact law enforcement.

This can be done by calling 089/2910-0 or at any other police station.