People in Nantou County have opinions on the 10-fold difference in the county government's subsidy for light and heavy electric vehicles.

The picture shows the police's inspection and persuasion of electric locomotives.

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[Reporter Xie Jieyu/Nantou Report] Nantou County Government advertises that the amount of subsidy for eliminating old locomotives and purchasing new electric two-wheeled locomotives is the highest in the country. In addition to criticizing the "big and small eyes" treatment, it is also suggested that the county government can adjust the distribution according to the subsidy situation of heavy-duty and light-duty electric vehicles in the future before releasing the balance, so as to reduce the occurrence of public grievances .

Nantou County currently replaces old locomotives. The newly purchased heavy-duty electric locomotives can receive a subsidy of 12,000 yuan for each. As for each light electric locomotive, the subsidy is 8,000 yuan. The difference between the two is as much as 4,000 yuan.

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People surnamed Ding complained to this newspaper that in November, according to the regulations of the county government, they applied for a subsidy of 8,000 yuan from the county government after purchasing a new light electric locomotive, but there was no response. The bureau used the remaining subsidies for heavy electric locomotives to subsidize light locomotives, but it was not accepted, which is helpless and puzzling.

People said that the government of Taichung city near Nantou will subsidize 10,000 yuan for heavy-duty and light-duty electric scooters that meet the same regulations for replacing old and new ones, and there is no quota limit until the budget is exhausted; The same is 8,000 yuan, but there is also no quota limit until the budget is exhausted. Only in Nantou County, the subsidy of 12,000 yuan for heavy-duty electric locomotives is higher than that of light-duty electric vehicles 8,000 yuan, and the difference between the two subsidies is 10 times, which makes people feel There is a sense of discrimination against light vehicles!

In response to the voices of the public, Li Yishu, Director of the Environmental Protection Bureau of the county government, pointed out that this year, the subsidy quota for light electric vehicles in the county is 100, and the quota is full on November 25; Due to the geographical environment of deep water, the number of applications so far is 352. However, when the public reported that it was too close to December 31 of the fiscal year, it was too late to adjust the subsidy ratio for light and heavy vehicles. It is not unwilling to adjust the quota according to public opinion. , will also remember this lesson, and will carry out an inventory and allocation of the number of applications for subsidies for light and heavy vehicles in August and September next year, so that this welfare policy can better implement the good intentions of taking care of the people.

The traffic team of the Nantou County Police Department said that miniature electric two-wheeled vehicles, commonly known as "electric bicycles", will be under control on November 30 this year. New vehicles need to be licensed and insured for compulsory insurance. However, the police will still actively persuade them and call on people riding electric bicycles to abide by traffic laws to ensure safety.