Readiness is the key

Before the game (tie), so does the food.

Today, let's get to know food that stimulates readiness before playing sports.

According to the information from the page "Where should I run, where should I ride?"

food to stimulate readiness before sports

Preparing the body before playing sports

or pre-race is the key to building your chances of victory!

One of the things that we need to prepare is "food" because in addition to helping to generate energy that must be used during

competition already

It is also necessary for the functioning of the nervous system and brain.

who want to be alert all the time while racing

including nutrients needed for recovery

body and muscles after the competition as well

The following 5 foods

will increase readiness

to friends

1. Clean water Drinking enough clean water

It is very important to athletes because water is an essential element for the body.

drinking enough water

It will help the body to be healthy and fresh.

and also helps to be ready

cope with exercise

to lose a large amount of water in the body

or during the race as well

2. Carbohydrate foods

During the competition, do not eat too much.

But if you are hungry

Energy should be replenished with carbohydrate foods, but preferably high-GI carbohydrates or high-fiber carbohydrates such as fruit, cornbread, mashed potatoes, bananas, as these will reduce symptoms.

Stomach bloating during racing

3. Drinks with caffeine

Drinks such as coffee or black tea

It will help athletes to feel good.

If we drink a drink containing 200-300 milligrams of caffeine about 90 minutes before the race, it will help the nervous system and brain to be fully awake.

4. Chocolate milk

It is another drink that is essential for athletes.

because in addition to helping the body rejuvenate

It also helps with energy.

The more you eat with carbohydrate foods.

It will help the body to use to create glycogen.

which is a substance

provide energy to the muscles

Helps muscles recover

and reduce inflammation that occurs during competition

5. Drinks that contain sugar

This type of drink will instantly refresh your body.

from the energy of sugar that has been entered

but should not choose

The sugar content is too concentrated, should be at 5% and should be sipped in small amounts.

but focus on frequency

To prevent colic distension until you can not continue to participate in the competition.

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