A special organization has been created because of the upcoming students' holiday - December 8, it became clear at a briefing of the GDNP.

Orders have been issued to all managers of establishments and private security companies that will ensure the security of complexes and restaurants where young people will celebrate.

Traffic is expected to be heavy.

But although the weather, according to forecasters, will be good, we still have to take into account that there may be fog in places and poor visibility.

During the holiday, of course, there will be checks for alcohol, drugs, speeding and keeping a distance.

All technical means will be on the ground and all employees will be working.

Because of this, the working hours of many officers have also been changed in order to have enough police resources.

Around 200 Road Police teams are expected to be there every day from Sunday to Sunday.

The Ministry of the Interior advises that if the drivers are young and inexperienced, they should use another type of transport.