General director of the TV channel "Dozhd" Nataliya Syndeeva called for the return to work of the presenter Oleksiy Korostelev, who was fired for his words about helping the Russian mobilized.

Sindeeva made her appeal in a video message on the Internet.

In the video, the tearful general director of "Dozhd" tearfully tells how terribly she feels in recent days, and

calls the dismissal of Korostelev a mistake.

"We fired Lyosha due to a mistake. It was the worst thing we could have done in that situation. We had to remove Lyosha from the air, let her breathe. All these four days I want to correct the mistake and say: 

"Lyosha, I'm sorry," Sindeeva

said in her appeal .

"Of course, many people will not understand me and will say: "Well, how so?

At stake is the price of the entire TV channel, because

Ukrainians will not forgive us

." And how can this TV channel continue to live if we have committed meanness? This, of course, is meanness to a person who is with us," added the general director of the TV channel. 

She called Korostelev's words about helping the mobilized a mistake and at the same time said that Ukrainians "may not forgive us for this."

However, Syndeeva said that she "can't do it anymore".

Scandal on the TV channel "Rain"

A few days ago, a scandal broke out around the Russian TV channel "Dozhd".

TV presenter Oleksiy Korestelov spoke on the air about the fact that the channel helps equip Russians mobilized for the war against Ukraine.

After these words, Korostelev was fired from the TV channel.

And on December 6, it became known that Latvia canceled the broadcast license of the "Rain" TV channel.

Note that the TV channel broadcast in Latvia after the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation.  

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