Russia's Permanent Representative to the UN, Vasyl Nebenzia, left the hall of the UN Security Council meeting on December 6, where the humanitarian situation in Ukraine, related to shelling of civilians and infrastructure facilities, is being discussed.

A corresponding video with footage of Nebenzya leaving the hall appeared on the Internet.

During his speech, the ambassador of the Russian Federation in his characteristic manner 

accused the West, NATO and Ukraine

 of waging a war, which was actually staged by the aggressor country.

Nebenzya also

admitted that Russia is purposefully

striking the civilian infrastructure

 of Ukraine.  

Before the speech of Serhiy Kyslytsa, the post-predator of Ukraine at the UN, the Russian post-predator stated that he did not want to listen to "bile" accusations, and also blamed Kyslytsa for his activity on Twitter, after which he left the meeting hall.

It will be recalled that during the previous meeting of the UN Security Council on November 24, convened after another massive Russian attack on Ukraine, Nebenzya accused Ukrainian air defense forces of the destruction of residential buildings and civilian casualties.

After the false statements of his Russian colleague, Kislytsia expressed his attitude to what was said by posting a photo with a raised middle finger on the Internet.

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