Political party "Republicans for Bulgaria

Republicans for Bulgaria is a political party in Bulgaria, established in 2020," is alarmed by yet another attempt to turn Bulgaria into a bridgehead for Russian propaganda and to present itself to Europe as a disorganized yard.

The reason for our concern is the visit to our country of Metropolitan Antony of Volokolamsk, head of the Department for Foreign-Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate, that is to say - the foreign minister of the Russian Church or the right hand of the Russian Patriarch Kirill, the position of the political formation states.

As is known, Kiril of Moskovski supported the Russian aggression in Ukraine from its very beginning, despite the fact that part of his flock lives there, and Russian weapons also destroy Orthodox churches.

Moreover, in his numerous speeches he supports the actions of the Russian army and preaches against the "dark forces" that want to destroy "Holy Rus".

And, it is known that the Russian Federation itself, after the start of the aggression, classified Bulgaria among the "enemy countries".

According to publications in the European media, Metropolitan Antony of Volokolama was not allowed on the territory of Great Britain, and a month ago he was expelled from Germany - facts that cause even greater bewilderment that Bulgaria is providing him with a host without hindrance.

Protesters blocked the Russian bishop and Mitrofanova in the Russian Church in Sofia

From the official website of the Bulgarian Patriarchate, we understand that his visit to our country is at the invitation of Archimandrite Vasian (Zmeev) and with the blessing of the Bulgarian Patriarch Neofit (https://bg-patriarshia.bg/news/arhiereyska-sv-liturgia-po- povod-hramovia-praznik-na-hrama-p).

The liturgy celebrated in the Russian Church in Sofia was attended by a member of the Holy Synod (Lovchan Metropolitan Gavriil) and the Chief Secretary of the Holy Synod - Bishop Gerasim of Melnysh.

This means that the Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church was aware of this visit in advance and gave its consent to it.

We note this fact because manipulative information has already appeared that the Holy Synod was "surprised" by the visit of Antony Volokolamsky.

It turns out that this is not true at all.

According to the usual practice so far, visits of clergymen of such a high rank are usually agreed between the BOC and the relevant state institutions such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Directorate of Religions of the Ministry of Religion.

The Russian aggression in Ukraine and the inclusion of Bulgaria among the "enemy states" by Russia makes such coordination even more imperative.

PP "Republicans for Bulgaria

Republicans for Bulgaria is a political party in Bulgaria established in 2020" will make an official inquiry as to whether such an agreement was made for the arrival of Antoniy Volokolamski and what was the position of the institutions in question.

Although according to Art.

4.1 of the Law on Religions "Religions are free" and "Religious institutions are separated from the state", the de facto visit of a high bishop of a local church that supports the aggression of its state against another state becomes a deep political problem.

We are puzzled, why there is still no reaction from the Bulgarian state?

As a party that upholds the values ​​valid for the three monotheistic religions, we are neither against the Orthodox faith nor against the Orthodox Church, but we strongly disagree that they be used for intra-party and geopolitical purposes and interests.

That is why we call on the Holy Synod of the BOC-BP in the future to refrain from supporting and participating in such events, which give reason to talk about Bulgaria as a conduit for Russian hybrid interests in the European Union.

We cannot fail to note the fact that, of all the local churches, the BOC maintains especially close ties with the Moscow Patriarchate, which raises serious concerns not only for its inter-Orthodox and international authority, but also for the national security of the Republic of Bulgaria.

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