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The only defensive reaction of the PP is to group those who accuse them of the same sin from parties and individuals who have nothing in common with each other - Trifonov, Radev, Ninova and Borisov and claim that they have teamed up.

However, this logic is like saying that PP and DB joined forces with "Vazrazhdane

Vazrazhdane is a political party in Bulgaria, established in August 2014. Its chairman" because of the vote for the Electoral Code. This is nonsense and is an infantile reaction that should be classified as panic.

This is how political scientist Associate Professor Rumiana Kolarova commented on recent political events

Prof. Dr. Rumyana Kolarova was born on June 10, 1956 in Sofia. Rumyana Kolarova is a university student.

"The pouring of epithets between Vassilev and Radev will have a negative effect on both sides, because they were very close to each other. Whenever you have such a rift, it affects both of them. The bigger damage is to PP," she believes.

And he added that there are cadres who simply have authority without being partisan.

Borisov surprisingly got on the air: Answers to Asen Vassilev about Radev and the machines

For his part, the political scientist Slavi Vasilev pointed out that the legacy of the PP is not good and Radev has pronounced his verdict.

"There is no return of GERB personnel

GERB is a centre-right populist, conservative and pro-European political party in a return of people who worked in the administration during their time.

"We continue the change

Kiril Petkov and Asen Vasilev presented their political project "We are continuing the change" grouping the others to form the party that fights all evils. Radev's divorce from the PP shows that he is once again alone at the front, he emphasized. 

Asen Vassilev

Rumyana Kolarova




We continue the change