After the investigation and selection, they interviewed the "former assistants" regarding the doubts about the "provident fund" in Gao Hongan's office, and interviewed the former administrative director Huang Huiwen as a criminal suspect. The former deputy director Chen was also interviewed. Please come back after the interview.

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[Reporter Qian Lizhong/Taipei Report] The Hsinchu Mayor-elect of the People's Party Gao Hongan was deeply involved in the congressional assistant fee case. The prosecution started the investigation process after dividing the case before the election. Working time, salary, and attendance records are compared to whether there are head assistants involved. After the election, the "provident fund" doubts about the high office will be interviewed with "former assistants". , Huang's right-hand man, the former deputy director of the Higher Office surnamed Chen, was also interviewed. Please come back after the interrogation.

On the 1st of this month, the Mobile Workstation in the Northern Region of the Bureau of Investigation, under the command of the North Inspection Bureau, interviewed Huang Huiwen as a criminal suspect for the first time; In the early morning, the investigating officer came to the door with the notice of summons. Besides Huang, Chen Nan, who was then the deputy director of the Higher Office, was also interviewed on the same day. Please come back after the interrogation.

Chen Nan said he would not be interviewed.

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It is understood that Ms. Huang, who played a key role in the "Provident Fund Case", was interviewed as a criminal suspect involved in corruption. Girl please go back.

As for whether Huang should be relisted as a "defendant" and whether there is any need to plan to become a tainted witness, a decision will be made after the prosecutor's interview is over and the source and flow of the provident fund are clarified. Separately signed as the accused of corruption.

As for the "current assistants" of the High Office, they have not yet been investigated and interviewed. After the testimony of the "former assistants" is consolidated, the current assistants who are listed in the provident fund account list will also become the next wave of interviews. object.

In addition, before the election, Lin Guannian, the former executive director of the Hsinchu County Party Headquarters of the People's Party, who had taken the initiative to go to the North Airport Station and the North Inspection to deliver key physical evidence such as the recording files of "at least 5 whistleblowers", will also be interviewed in the near future. In order to clarify the true identity of the whistleblower in the recorded evidence, he will be included in the next interview list.

Regarding media reports that "Huang not only cooperated in handling the case, but also handed over the account books made by his nickname "Little Rabbit", including more than 500 internal accounts and write-off documents, and provided assistant fees in order to understate the high, pay the provident fund, etc. Gao instructed to handle ... may be turned into a tainted witness" and many other contents; the North Inspection Department responded this morning, "Today (6th) the weekly (online) reported on the investigation and handling of the Gao Hongan case by the Department. The Department's response is as follows: ( 1) The investigation and handling of cases by this department has always strictly adhered to the principle of non-disclosure of investigations. This case is still under investigation, and the evidence obtained from the investigation must not be disclosed to the public. Please refrain from making unnecessary exaggerations and speculations. (2) The relevant investigations of this department are carried out in accordance with established procedures , has nothing to do with whether the person involved in the case is a family member of a colleague of this agency."

It is reported that Ms. Huang's husband is the North Prosecutor's Prosecutor.

Ms. Huang used to be the office assistant of Li Junyu, a former legislator of the Democratic Progressive Party. After the dispute over the assistant fee broke out, the high office was revealed that the assistant had to hand in cash to the office account as the "provident fund", but some of them were suspected of being used by Gao for personal or party affairs.

Regarding the provident fund system, the Higher Office clarified that the provident fund was not invented by her office, but "continued the office system of previous legislators." She could only thank the assistants for introducing this system, and emphasized that she never forced them to donate.

According to the investigation, the assistant with congressional assistant experience refers to Ms. Huang. After Gao took office as a legislator, Huang worked in Gao's office for half a year. The assistant used to be an assistant to Li's office, and Huang was the only one on the list of public-funded assistants of the two legislators.

However, Li has clarified to the public that he has been a legislator for so long, and there is no provident fund system in his office.

In addition, Gao’s former Institute of Information Policy accused her of obtaining two patents due to her position during her tenure. The prosecution has divided the investigation into the case of other characters. Yesterday (5th) it interviewed relevant people from the Information Policy Committee to testify and clarify. Please come back after the hearing.