Taitung pineapple custard fruit fell due to weather factors. Legislator Liu Chaohao asked relevant units to start disaster relief.

(Photo by reporter Huang Mingtang)

[Reporter Huang Mingtang/Taitung Report] In recent years, the climate has been abnormal and has changed drastically, which has also caused agricultural disasters. In response to the recent pineapple custard fruit drop in Taitung, legislator Liu Chaohao invited officials to visit the pineapple custard fruit drop in Beinan Township. Disaster situation, call on all local offices to report the disaster situation to the Council of Agriculture as soon as possible, and then discuss and launch natural disaster relief measures according to the disaster area to help farmers reduce damage and disaster situation and tide over difficulties.

Liu Chaohao invited the Taitung Agricultural Reform Field of the Council of Agriculture, the Eastern Branch of the Agriculture and Food Administration, and Xu Wenwen, the mayor of Beinan Township, to jointly investigate.

Liu Chaohao pointed out that in recent years, global warming has caused global climate change anomalies, especially this year's warm winter, which has caused the climate to fluctuate from cold to hot since the beginning of winter, and the unstable climate makes the production period fall from December to December every year. The pineapple Sakyamuni in April of the following year has recently experienced fruit drop, which has seriously affected farmers' income.

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Liu Chaohao also said that in response to the marketing of pineapple custards that farmers are concerned about, the Council of Agriculture has been urged to improve the pineapple custard platform, and will strengthen and improve the processing and domestic marketing. With the goal of achieving better results than last year, the marketing channels in other countries will also be actively expanded. , so that the Sakyamuni industry in Taitung can have a better way out.

Liu Chaohao said that this year, the Council of Agriculture is also required to increase the value of Sakya Insurance and the conversion of counseling to incentives. Sakyamuni Insurance not only provides different levels of protection, but also strives to increase premium subsidies to reduce the burden on farmers. The ten thousand yuan will be increased to 200,000 yuan to help farmers reduce the burden of conversion costs. He will continue to urge the Council of Agriculture to take multiple measures to help Taitung's Sakyamuni industry and improve industrial development.