An Internet celebrity shared the process and concept of menstrual blood maintenance on the Douyin platform.

(Picture taken from Twitter @deryazera)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Social media platforms often lead novel trends. A few days ago, Douyin became popular for menstrual maintenance. Fresh menstrual blood is applied to the face to make the skin smoother.

The "menstrual mask" tag on Douyin has attracted more than one million views. A follower, Derya, said that menstrual blood is rich in stem cell nutrition and is suitable for skin care.

However, for this new trend, experts say that menstrual blood contains uterine tissue and cell debris, which may cause inflammation.

According to the Daily Star, a new maintenance method has recently been launched on the Douyin platform.

Claims that women can smooth their skin by applying their fresh menstrual blood to their faces.

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Derya, an advocate of menstrual blood maintenance, explained that menstrual blood is originally intended to bring the baby's blood, which is rich in stem cells and all nutrients, so the skin can also absorb it together.

She emphasized again that there is absolutely nothing unclean about menstrual blood, it is not the same as real blood.

Experts say menstrual blood has the same composition as blood that flows through veins and also includes tissue shed from the lining of the uterus.

Although some experts can understand that the logic of menstrual maintenance comes from platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP). Through PRP, a variety of protein growth factors can accelerate healing, tissue growth and other effects, but the premise of PRP is to carry out in a sterile clinical environment.

Clinicians emphasized that PRP has just obtained medical proof, but there is no scientific or clinical evidence showing that it will benefit the skin for menstrual blood maintenance.

On the contrary, menstrual blood contains cell debris such as uterine tissue, mucus inner layer, bacteria, etc., which may cause inflammation if placed on the face casually. It is recommended to consult a professional doctor for skin problems.