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"Nobody is asking the question why this is happening right now - to serve the "bad Bulgarians" who have no place in Schengen. There are also Bulgarian players in the whole thing who are successfully voicing this thesis," said the former interior minister and former chairman of the BSP

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (abbreviated BSP) is Mikhail Mikov

Mihail Raikov Mikov is a modern Bulgarian politician, deputy and chairman of the 42nd National Assembly in the studio of "Day ON AIR".

The law, he said, says that when a police officer is attacked, when he has to respond to crimes, he has rules to follow - for example, warning shots.

"There is absolutely a campaign going on against Bulgaria, that's clear, and we are not defending ourselves at all. Some people who think they are politicians, "We continue the change" are the most active in this line of behavior, they continue to slander Bulgaria," insisted the guest to Bulgaria ON AIR.

Ninova is categorical: BSP will not support a government with a GERB-SDS mandate

He explained that their personal relations, their fight for money, put the future of Bulgaria at stake, not only for Schengen, but also in energy.

"I don't know why the president changed his position and thinks that next year we will enter Schengen. We will mint euro coins so that we can take over part of the debts of the big countries in Europe. Is this the price of Schengen," Mikov asked.

According to him, "some kind of cabinet will be formed", if not with the first, then with the third mandate.

"Prof. Gabrovski is an undisputed authority in his specialty, the big question is what kind of policy will this cabinet implement. The cabinet is a means, not a goal, the goal can be a relevant policy," Mikov specified.

He also commented on the problems in the energy sector, expressing his opinion that the most vocal are those who protested and prevented the construction of the "Belene" NPP and are now the most active on the topic of closing the "Maritsa" TPP ".

"It is paradoxical that the funds we will receive under the Recovery Plan are less than the capacity and capabilities of the Bulgarian energy industry. If the two Kozloduy blocks had been ensured to work longer, Bulgaria would now be the richest country Mikov emphasized.

He pointed out that they keep us in the second group of European countries and this is not Europessimism.

Mikov is adamant that Bulgaria must realistically protect its interests.

"Interpol has a report saying that the Netherlands generates a lot of crime and maybe half the drugs come in through the ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Neither prostitution nor child pornography are illegal there. These same people have the self-confidence because they clearly don't see in we have the ability to resist, to have a clear conversation and set conditions," expressed the guest's opinion.

He also commented on the new left unification, saying that this is not the way for the opponents of Cornelia Ninova to gather parties outside the BSP

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (abbreviated BSP) is to solve an internal problem of the party or to lie to others that they will do something in common.

"The disturbing processes in BSP

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (abbreviated BSP) has remained.

I don't know what will appear in the elections, there is no new left for me.

There is real and ersatz," Mikov concluded.

Mikhail Mikov


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