Kaohsiung New Year's Eve is located on the "Progressive" stage on Zhonghua Road.

(Provided by Gao City Hall)

[Reporter Ge Youhao/Kaohsiung Report] "2023 Kaohsiung New Year's Eve Yawan Future City Concert" returns to Dream Times. Following the opening of the popular band "Success Five" yesterday, the Kaohsiung City Government will announce the cast again today (6th). The two men's groups joined forces to sing, and the super popular boy group "Golden Star" and "Ozone" made their debut on the "Double-sided Stage" in Kaohsiung for the New Year's Eve!

It has been 8 years since the New Year's Eve in the Dream Age was launched in 2014.

The Gaoshi government pointed out that this time, with a new New Year's Eve, it will return to the familiar field of Dream Times. Among them, the "Yawan New Year's Eve Fireworks" is displayed on the open space of the "90th Urban Rezoning Area" at the bottom of Times Avenue. The 180-second high-altitude fireworks are different from the architectural special effects fireworks 8 years ago.

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The Gaoshi government announced the New Year's Eve cast again today. Atomic Boys participated in the New Year's Eve performance for the first time. The first time they sang the New Year's Eve, they were surrounded by fans with a "double-sided stage" at 260 degrees. Super happy!

They said that they are very glad to have the opportunity to feel the enthusiasm of Kaohsiung. On the New Year's Eve, they will bring a specially arranged performance to enjoy Kaohsiung's New Year's Eve with fans!

The "Ozone" team members who returned from training in South Korea also look forward to the New Year's Eve arrival in Kaohsiung. They said that they have learned a lot in Seoul and are more confident. They are very grateful to the Gaoshi government for inviting them to Kaohsiung to accompany everyone on the New Year's Eve. year.

The ultra-popular boy group "Ozone", which just formed in September this year, has six members who have been invited continuously since their debut. They also released their latest single "OAO" in November. After the MV was released, it surpassed 2 million hits on YouTube.

Gaoshi government created Taiwan’s first New Year’s Eve “double-sided stage” this year, which aroused heated discussions. The “future-style” main stage on Chenggong Road and the “progressive” stage on Zhonghua Road have a wide field of vision of 260 degrees, allowing fans to experience idols from different angles. The charm!

Kaohsiung New Year's Eve is located on the "future-style" main stage on Chenggong Road.

(Provided by Gao City Hall)