It was rumored that Li Sichuan, the former deputy mayor of Kaohsiung City, will serve as the deputy mayor of Taipei City. In this regard, Hou Youyi, the mayor of New Taipei City who worked with Li Sichuan, expressed that he would encourage Li Sichuan to continue to serve the country.

(Photo by reporter Lai Xiaotong)

[Reporter Lai Xiaotong/New Taipei Report] KMT Taipei mayor-elect Jiang Wan'an is preparing to form a small cabinet, recruiting Li Sichuan, the former deputy mayor of Kaohsiung City, to serve as deputy mayor of Taipei City. It is reported that Li Sichuan has agreed to serve as vice mayor.

In this regard, New Taipei Mayor Hou Youyi, who worked with Li Sichuan, said that Li Sichuan is an excellent professional engineering talent and hopes to continue to serve the country.

Hou Youyi attended the Gongliaobao press conference today and was asked that Li Sichuan might be in charge of Beishifu. Hou Youyi said in an interview that Li Sichuan is a very good professional engineering talent who has made a lot of contributions to the country for a long time. If he is willing to come out again It is a good thing to do things for the country and the people. He encouraged Li Sichuan to come out and continue to serve the country.

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Do you suggest that Jiang Wan'an should give the Mesozoic generation a chance to be the head?

Hou Youyi believes that all talents belong to the country, and talents come one after another. Don’t forget that the old with the young, and the young with the young, can have a steady stream. A team is bound to have young people, as well as the Mesozoic. I hope to stabilize professional senior talents, Talents continue to be continued one after another. The most important thing is to work together as a team and work hard for the citizens wholeheartedly.

In response to the changes in the small cabinet of the New Taipei City Government, Hou Youyi said that the municipal team will definitely make appropriate adjustments. The current direction is generally determined. I hope to continue to move forward and drive New Taipei City to be better than today. In the future, we will work hard towards the new vision project goal of 2030 , I hope that the newly formed municipal team can make more contributions to New Taipei City.